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Poor customer service. Hidden fees. They will always tell you that you are wrong. The software is difficult to use. The videos leave out too many steps. They waste time on things that are irrelevany I see everybody complaining. They always blame the complainer. it's never them. If they were smart they would realize there is new competition, every day. Why lie, you'll always get caught and bad reviews will follow. Contract is ambiguous. ... Read more

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I spend around 16,000 dollars withipsmarx that's without the minutes! My computers are all hacked from India!! Beware not reliable !!!!!!!

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Buyer beware. Don't buy anything from Ipsmarx the software is not reliable. You get hacked all the time. I think it is their employees that *** into tbe system. The modules are too expensive. Tech support is zero Read more

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Some of the chain of Events (Below are the main points of the chain of events. This page would not be enough to list every single detail that incurred while dealing with them) On or about 10/01/2012 we purchased a PinLess calling platform with various modules from Carrie Fedders at Reston, VA based IPsmarx office. On or about 11/14/12 we returned the sign purchase agreement to Sandra Hojos Margraf in order to proceed with the installation, On or... Read more

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Regarding our first complaint mentioned here: We received a threat e-mail from their sales represantative: "We noticed you have posted several negative comments against IPsmarx in some platforms, which are not based on a true fact. If you wish to continue working with IPsmarx, you must remove those posts. ... Read more

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We are Ikon Telekom from Turkey and made a big mistake to invest in IPSmarx softswitch solutions. At pre-sale time frame they were very interested but after buying the actual product we found out that we have to purchase many addons to accomplish simple things. Technical support side is terribly slow, it takes days until we get an decent answer. If you have to get an answer immediately you have to deduct many extra vouchers. Our primary goal was... Read more

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IPsmarx is a fraud company! They sell products "software" for VoIP solutions that don't work. They ignore customer service requests and you spend most of your time with technical support. I highly recommend not to purchase from IPsmarx. Most of the products they have on their website they don't even have. Talk about misrepresentation I bought and many others, products that don't work. I spent over 20 k on services that do not work to be... Read more

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